Lucky Number 29

number-29I’ve always felt that the secret to life is to enjoy the passage of time. There is no use dwelling on the tempo (going too fast or too slow) but to just appreciate the journey.

I’m happy and ready to start my 29th year of teaching in one of my favorite places on earth, Artroom14 at HTHS! Here’s to a year of challenging our perceptions, growing, having fun and enjoying the passage of time. There’s no where else I’d rather be!

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Hello from Artroom14 :-)

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m looking forward to watching you create this year!


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Inspiration Games Assignment

Got Ideas?

Rubric for our assignment


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Let us hear your feedback!

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Happy Holidays!

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Art Open House!


The Art Open House is coming up fast! December 23rd!!

In order to prepare for our party, please complete this form.

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A Place the the Table

In honor of Election Day, my Ceramics II students were asked to select a social issue that they were passionate about, and visually represent their stand on that issue in the form of plate or place setting. We wanted our opinions to have a “place at the table” – and I wanted their voices to matter. As part of the installation, we invited the 11th and 12th grade social studies classes down to view the work. The classes viewed the work and analyzed and interpreted what issue they believed each plate represented. It was interesting the listen to the students carefully view and figure out what the art was saying to them!

All of this happened before the election results were reported. At least the issues that matter to my students had a place at the table…even if it only lasted a day. I’m so proud of them for being articulate, passionate and generous with their ideas. Here is a link to their commercials. Below are pictures of their work and the installation.

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