The beginning of this marking period I had to glaze all of the work that I made in the first marking period, but I wanted to make more pieces for my collection so I worked on a few more new items and then had to glaze a lot leading up to the art show before winter break. All of my photos are from the time leading up to the art show because after winter break there wasn’t enough time left to make something new. As soon as I got back from break I started in my next project, but I will include the pieces I have made since I got back to school in the third marking period. Out of all the pieces I have made and presented in the art show my favorite piece is my hand bowl I love the design because it is made completely put of cutouts of hands. When the bowl came out glazed at first I did not like it, but now I like the color more. Finishing all of my pieces was not easy, I lacked the amount of time I wanted and I faced some pitfalls. Preparing for the show I made a plan to get everything done, but my plate that I made out of hands exploded in the kiln which threw my plan off. I didn’t know if I would be able to display the plate or if I would have to throw it out but I covered it with layers of glaze and hoped for the best and the plate came out almost perfectly. The plate still had cracks in it, but I stuck together and still looked cool. Even with the struggles I still love ceramics and am going into the second half of the year full steam ahead because I have a lot of new ideas.

At first, I didn’t know what theme I wanted for my ceramic collection, but I then decided on hands and other body parts. I’ve been interested in making hands out of clay since freshman year when I saw a video of someone sculpting a hand. So far this year I have experimented with the different ways you can use hands to make vessels and sculptures. I started off with making a jar with a bunny head as the handle. This vessel is not a part of my theme it was just the start of my year to get me acclimated to the feel of clay again. I really like how the bunny head turned out as well as the jar it sits on. I always have trouble with making fitting lids so I hope to work on that through my projects this year. I hope to further develop my personal ceramic skills this year and fuel my projects with my own creativity rather than looking to Pinterest when I get stuck. My coolest piece so far is probably my bowl that I made out of hands. I cut hands out of a slab of clay and draped them over a bowl mold to create the bowl shape and then I continued to layer them until they could support the weight of each other. I hope to continue making projects like this one throughout the year to add to the collection.