At first, I didn’t know what theme I wanted for my ceramic collection, but I then decided on hands and other body parts. I’ve been interested in making hands out of clay since freshman year when I saw a video of someone sculpting a hand. So far this year I have experimented with the different ways you can use hands to make vessels and sculptures. I started off with making a jar with a bunny head as the handle. This vessel is not a part of my theme it was just the start of my year to get me acclimated to the feel of clay again. I really like how the bunny head turned out as well as the jar it sits on. I always have trouble with making fitting lids so I hope to work on that through my projects this year. I hope to further develop my personal ceramic skills this year and fuel my projects with my own creativity rather than looking to Pinterest when I get stuck. My coolest piece so far is probably my bowl that I made out of hands. I cut hands out of a slab of clay and draped them over a bowl mold to create the bowl shape and then I continued to layer them until they could support the weight of each other. I hope to continue making projects like this one throughout the year to add to the collection.