This marking period, I struggled with time management. I spent too much time on certain pieces which left me with very limited time to achieve my goal. I finished my last two pieces within the span of a week, so they weren’t made to their full potential. I feel like I focused on making multiple small pieces instead of significant big pieces. My goal of the next marking period is to make better pieces in general. I would like to focus on really sponging my pieces. I would also like to make at least one sculpture.

This marking period, I learned a lot about my personal skill. For the big project due in December, I planned on making a collection of lanterns, or pieces that hold light. I planned things out in my head, but when it came down to actually making some of the pieces I began to struggle with creativity. It’s hard to make creative pieces with the limited amount of time in class to finish this project. My goal of the next marking period is to work harder on my time management skills and make more detailed pieces.