For the final marking period of my ceramics career, I finished with a beach theme. Besides the box, I made a lighthouse and palm tree. Unfortunately, my palm tree wasn’t able to be fired with the glaze on due to the kiln breaking. I made some little bowls between bigger pieces, but nothing too big. Overall, there are a few things I’d change about my ceramics year. I missed 30 days of ceramics due to getting sick, so unfortunately i missed a lot of ceramic time with that. I wish I focused more on making bigger pieces instead of multiple small pieces. My theme changed many times throughout the year, but my overall theme was parts of nature.

For marking period 3, I struggled the most. Since I got mono and missed over three weeks, it was hard for me to catch up. Time management has always been difficult for me, but missing 18 days of school put me in a spot where I felt as if I couldn’t make up the time I missed. When I got back, I wasn’t really sure where to begin. I wanted to keep my theme of light, but wanted to look into other things. I looked into the theme of space. I made some pieces with that theme, but couldn’t seem to keep ideas. I’m currently thinking of sculptures that represent the beach. By the end of the year, I want all my pieces to be part of nature or space.

This marking period, I struggled with time management. I spent too much time on certain pieces which left me with very limited time to achieve my goal. I finished my last two pieces within the span of a week, so they weren’t made to their full potential. I feel like I focused on making multiple small pieces instead of significant big pieces. My goal of the next marking period is to make better pieces in general. I would like to focus on really sponging my pieces. I would also like to make at least one sculpture.


This marking period, I learned a lot about my personal skill. For the big project due in December, I planned on making a collection of lanterns, or pieces that hold light. I planned things out in my head, but when it came down to actually making some of the pieces I began to struggle with creativity. It’s hard to make creative pieces with the limited amount of time in class to finish this project. My goal of the next marking period is to work harder on my time management skills and make more detailed pieces.