Entering my final marking period of high school, I knew I wanted to create special pieces to commemorate my experience as a ceramics student. I focused most of my time on a floral candle holder, making each individual petal. The colors were a risk especially using red clay but I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I also made a pen holder that carried the previous theme I had with thinned edges. My favorite piece was my textured box! The indentations and colors meshed together so well. I was so excited to present my collection at the Extravaganza! It was so nice to see my pieces on display for the first time. I am really proud of my accomplishments the passed two years. I hope to carry the artistic expression I’ve established in ceramics into the rest of my life.

I decided my theme that would unify all of my pieces would be thinned, uneven edges. It actually began by accident. I was making a vase and the edges were thick and looked unfinished so I started thinning them slightly and just got carried away! I was surprised by how much I liked what I created so I decided to carry that through into all of the pieces I would make. This theme allowed for a lot of freedom, but I was  inspired by simple things like bowls and spoon holders. I put most of my creativity and risk-taking into the glazes to highlight the simplicity with vibrant colors. As for my tile that was put into the lid of a box, I was inspired by stained glass windows and their sporadic lines and curves. I seen now how it correlates to my other pieces in a very subtle, muted way. I am very excited to continue with this theme into my final marking period at HTHS!