Finally, this marking period I was able to see my whole collection come together. I quickly made a few bowls to add to my collection with my signature textured sides. Also, I continued with the color scheme that I picked at the beginning of the year. While working with red clay, I usually first layered black glaze underneath all of my other colors to add a depth to the glaze, which tied it into the other pieces from previous marking periods. I continued to favor a more blue color scheme as well. Overall, I am very proud of all that I have created this year. My collection was able to keep with a general textural, shape and color pattern to keep cohesion between my pieces. I am excited to bring my work with me and use them in my home. I am so grateful that I’ve been able to take ceramics for the last three years and hope to continue in the future.

This marking period I focused on bulking up my collection by making some more difficult pieces. I added a set of plates, a tray, a vase, and a small container to my group. By experimenting more with leather-hard building I created more geometric forms in my tray, vase, and container. Glazing is one of my favorite parts of my creative process, and this marking period I added more dark colors to my collection. As I look towards the fourth marking period, I have a goal of making pieces that connect my lighter pieces to my darker pieces. I look forward to seeing my full collection in June.


This marking period I continued to make things using the theme of texture. I created sets of cups and plates to add to my collection. Also I worked on glazing my pieces using similar maroon, blue and tan glazes. Next marking period I hope to create more large pieces that are centerpieces for my collection. I hope that by the end of the four marking periods I can have a large collection of useful and cohesive things to use in my house.


I have decided that my theme for my collection this year will be geometric shapes with ridged textures. By experimenting with different building techniques I have discovered many different ways to make a form look geometric. I am hoping to continue to grow my little group of geometric forms. I started off with experimenting with building with leather hard clay to make my two hexagonal containers and my little tray. Then I moved on to using plastic clay to drape my lidded container and small cup. In the next marking period I hope to  continue to grow my collection and make larger functional pieces. I also look forward to connecting all of my pieces even more with glaze.