I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being in ceramics. I think I made the most of my last year here at HTHS and in art class. I definitely didn’t make a lot this last marking period, but what I did get done I really like. I don’t like to rush my projects, so even though I knew we would have less time because school is ending, I went at my usual pace. The first thing I worked on was the Ikebana. I loved this project so much because I am of Japanese descent. It was fun to learn something new about my culture and get to try it out myself. I tried to base it off the one thing I know best, sushi! I first made a small tea cup to be the part that actually holds the flowers, then the created the sushi and painted them, and finally I made a platform for it to all sit on. I definitely plan to use again in my room. After the Ikebana I moved on to making my first box. I was excited to hear we would be exchanging them, but also worried I would end up liking mine too much. I didn’t really have a plan for my box, I just went with the flow. I ended up pushing the sides out, making it a bit bulbous. I decided it remained me of a fruit, so for the handle I made a stem and leaf. I originally wanted to glaze it like an apple, but I forgot red clay reacts differently to the glazes so now it’s some kind of mystical fruit. At first I did wanna keep it, so I decided to make a second one after it and whichever one I liked better I would keep. In the end, I went with the second box. This one is much more square and simple. I didn’t change the shape of it at all after putting it together so it was simple to make the lid and flange. For the handle I cut out a hexagon shape. The glaze might be my favorite part. I used copper adventurine, which has this amazing orange glitter. Finally, I made mini hanging planters in the last two days of wet clay. This was a bit of an experiment because I had no idea how to start. They were relatively easy and quick to make. I glazed them more natural colors to go along with the plants that would eventually be in them. I must say I will miss having the opportunity to create so many wonderful things. I won’t have easy access to the supplies I would need to continue the same kind of work.  Still, I’m glad I was able to do so much and if there’s one thing I’ll truly miss about this school, it’ll be art class. After having Ms. Kiick for all 4 years, it will be strange for me to not be in her class when September rolls around. No worries though, I will definitely come back to visit.

Moving up to ceramics 3 has been challenging and fun. In the beginning of the year when Ms. Kiick told us the seniors in ceramics 2 would be allowed to move up in the third marking period, I knew instantly that I wanted to do it. I already really enjoyed ceramics and the thought of having more creative freedom was exciting. When it came time to officially decide on moving up, I was home sick. My friend told me only 2 other people decided to move up, which made me question my choice.  However, I knew I was capable of doing it and in the end I’m really glad I stuck with it. I’ve spent majority of the third marking period making three mushroom candle holders. This was very challenging to me because of all the details that needed to be put into each one. I didn’t want to rely too much on templates because I wanted them to have a natural feel, but that definitely made it a bit more time consuming. I also made a pitcher and I’m currently making a lid for it in my woodshop class. The last thing I’ve worked on is a tile to decorate the lid of a box. I wanted all of my pieces to have some kind of nature theme to them so I designed the tile to be sea related. Unfortunately in the middle of my carving it mysteriously split in half. I worked through and have decided to use the space in between the two halves as a submarine canyon. I drew inspiration from the scene in Finding Nemo where they’re supposed to swim through a dark canyon. It’s been great so far and I can’t wait to finish out my senior year making more things I love.