For the final marking period I decided to reflect on what I didn’t make during the year. I didnt make anything big this year so I wanted to go big for my final piece. I decided to go out of my comfort zone even more than I have before. I was pleased with the outcome. I made a gigantic pineapple and it became one of my favorite pieces I made all year! This taught me you should always push yourself outside your comfort zone!

This year I was very pleased with most of the pieces i made. It was a challenge to make certain amount of things in a certain amount of time but I’m glad I experienced this process. It taught me how to manage my time and that you get what you put in. I also am so thankful for this year because of the freedom we were given. I loved getting to make whatever I wanted and only having minimal guidelines.


I am so thankful for the wonderful 3 years I had to experience ceramics. I had to overcome my fears, set goals and Be independent. This experience was like no other and I would do it again in a heart beat. Ceramics has taught me life lessons that I will use forever. It is so sad to say goodbye to a huge part of my high school career. I am so happy that I was given this opertunity to achieve all my goals!














In my third and almost final marking period I made 4 pieces. This was one of my favorite marking periods  because I went bigger and I made harder pieces and i didn’t focus on what was easy that I should make. I first made a frog bowl to start off the marking period it was simple and I didn’t love how the color came out so I glazed it twice. After traveling to Arizona over Christmas break I saw so much cacti and I wanted to make a cacti piece using my pictures from Arizona. I made a meadium size cactus with a plate on the bottom and I could use this’s for jewelry and a ring holder. As a finishing touch I added a sparkle paint over to make it pop more. I remember one night at sunset in Arizona the sky was sparklingly on the cacti so I added a sparky paint. I then made my “reach” piece and I made a elephant with cut outs so it could also be a lantern to hold a candle. I made my elephant big though because all of my pieces this year have been so tiny so making my elephant big was the reaching part answer the challenge that I had to take.  The most recent item that I made was a whale mug. It was harder than it sounds I had to be very clean and steady with the handle because it was a whale tail. I am proud of my pieces this marking period and I am excited to grow in my last marking period and push myself farther.





Previously after finishing up my work for the first two marking periods I experienced a lot of change. I learned and got more fimilar with adapting to a deadline and having to have a quantity of items that I made and just making good items. I struggled with having to work in short amounts of time and also making pieces that I was content with. I learned to work in a fast way and I learned that I had to constantly think about what I would be making next and what I would be making after that and after that. I also had to constantly think about how I would have to tie in all of my pieces and make them all relate to each other. I also had to constantly think about my display.

Preparing for the art show was not nearly as stressful as I imagined. I had most of my pieces done and I already knew that I wanted to add a cactus and rings and other things to my pieces on my display. I already started to think about things that I wanted to do differently for my next display.

In the end I finally got to see all of my work come together. I finally got to see what I worked so hard for and it was so pleasant and a very content moment watching my ideas and thoughts come to real life right In front of me.


Starting off the year I had to face a big challenge. For this year in ceramics three we were set out to make anything we pleased for the whole year. One condition, we would have to have a unifying element in each piece. This was rather extremely hard for me to think of. I needed to pick a element that I would have to interpret into each of my pieces. I was timid at first but I came up with my element of being something cute and corky that I would add to each piece like a animal or a fruit.

The first thing that I set out to make was a lidded container, I decided to keep it clean and cute. In images 8-11 Is my container displayed. I decided to add in the element by having the topper be a pineapple.

The next thing that I worked on was my bowl with a bunny. In images 1-2 I have this displayed. I started out with a bowl and then I had to take my inspiration and interpert  that into my bowl. So I just put it in the center. I was so pleased with my bunny and it was so cute and fun to make so I had a good feeling that I picked the right element.

I next worked on my mug in images 2-5. With this piece I came to the realization that for each piece I would start with a inspiration for my element, like in this one it was a turtle and my task would be to add that to my pieces in a cute and unique way. As displayed you can tell that I added the turtle on the rim near the handle.

After only making these three pieces and working on my fourth I think that my favorite thing about this year  is that I’m going to be able to look back on my inspiration image and then look how I interpreted my inspiration/element into each piece.  That is something that is going to be very satisfying for me this year.

My goal for December is that I will be able to move at a faster pace so I will have many items to display but each item will still be clean and not appear rushed. I am very excited to take the freedom that we have this year and see what I can make and how I can express my self into my pieces.