So this is how I wrap up my ceramic career. I made a vase with sgraffito sketched on the side of it which actually turned out really nice! For the art extravaganza, there were bring colored flowers in the vase and it contrasted very nicely:) I also made a mobile. I really liked this idea because it was something different but something I have been wanting to make! So for the base of that, I made a large sunshine with holes in it to hang the string with the beads on it. After that I made three kinds of beads to hang on the mobile! I decided to base it off nature so I put sun, star and moon on the beads to tie together the whole theme. For the glaze, I used dark blue and then wiped off some of the glaze for a worn down look that I ended up really liking! The blue and red clay look really good when they are put together. Lastly I made a box for the “art of giving” final event. I used the outline for the shape of the box and then I used green glaze! I figured that the lighter glazes actually look better on the red clay! And that just about wraps up my ceramics for the year:) it had been a privilege to be able to have this class and I am thankful for all the skills I picked up just by taking this class!

For the third marking period my main project was a vase. I made a vase that was three and half small bowls stacked on top of each other. I also decided to put a black underglaze on the outside where I carved small flower doodles on the sides which looked cool with the contrast of the black and white. If I decide to make another piece with underglaze, I want to experiment with different color underglazes instead of just black. This marking period I experimented with a new glaze that turned out very well! I made a mug for that had glaze run under it so that had to be ground down. I have just started a mobile that will have cute charms and moons and suns included in it to tie into my beach theme.

Going into Advanced Ceramics, I set some goals for myself. First I wanted to make more functional products. I love the look of handmade mugs, bowls and plates that are glazed in different colors so I set out make more functional pieces. Also I wanted to perfect mug making. Mugs are difficult to make so I made a goal for myself to improve my skills with mugs! These goals were simple but very important. So as the marking period is coming to an end, I have achieved one of my two goals. I ended up making two mugs, a lidded container and plate. For my lidded container, I learned how to make a flange that sits on the inside of the container and holds lid up from the inside. The lid that I made took a while because I had to constantly measure it to make sure it fit correctly. Also my lid broke shortly after firing it so I plan to make another lid. But with the other pieces I did, I focused on perfecting the skill of smoothing out the clay and being patient with the clay as well

Starting the second marking period of senior year, I continued with my theme. I finished glazing all of my pieces: two larger bowls, one plate, two mugs and two containers. I broke out of my shell more and glazed more with random glaze that ended up working out in my favor. Also one of my containers broke on the bottom which was upsetting yet, I am just going to use it as a container for now on. With the display, I had to bring starfish, shells and some sea glass to put into it. I feel like this really unified my display and created a beach theme. Next marking period, I think I will continue with the same coordinate theme with the underlying beach vibes to it:)!