For the 3rd marking period I was challenged with the idea of making a set similar to the previous kitchen set I had done in the 2nd marking period. For a while I could not think of what to do but then I had the idea of making set of ceramic pieces in different heights and widths all with a cork lid. After doing research of cork I bought 5 pieces of cork to create a set of 5 containers. Then I went and bought a metallic glaze for them as well. After that I went on to create a lantern. This was a challenge for me because of all the angles that were involved, but I eventually shaved it down to the perfect shape. After this I began to experiment with a set of nautical silkscreens that I bought a ceramic supply shop. To silkscreen the piece must be bisque and you have to add thickner to the black underglaze. After doing the process 2-3 times I realized that using the rib tool to smooth it out, and masking tape to cover the piece were key to the process and yielded the best results. I made a lot of wall decor with this process and plan on putting them in my shore house. The 3rd marking period also brought lots of pineapple inspired items. My pineapple wall decor turned out awesome, I was shocked it didn’t blow up in the kiln. I was also able to carve a pineapple out of clay and make a tile out of it to put into a wooden box. My Avalon GPS coordinates sign is still in the works but was created using hand cut sticker stencils I made, as well as the silkscreen process. My last pieces were meant to fill in time for me but the compass lidded box ended up being one of my favorites. Although there is only 1 marking period left, I am excited to see what I make next!

After completing the first assignment of the year we were told to make a lidded container. Why make one when you can make 4? Then at that point you might as well add in a pitcher, tray, and before you know it there is an entire kitchen set. I was able to make a complete set that allowed me to have a display without even knowing it. I used sticker paper and underglaze to create the words that are on my set. I loved the way that this set turned out  I cannot wait to see what’s is in store for the rest of the year!